This website is a portal to share information and results from the NC COVID-19 Mobility and Health Impacts Study, a project researching the interrelationships of public health policies, mobility changes, and the transmission of COVID-19 to inform policy decisions in North Carolina.


What have we learned?

Check out the Results and Reports page to explore our research findings:
Technical Brief 5: The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Devastated Nursing Homes. What Should North Carolina's Policy Priorities Be?
Technical Brief 4: The Effect of COVID-19 on Teen’s Driving Practice & Parent Approval for Proposed Changes
Technical Brief 3: New Mobility Trends
Technical Brief 2: COVID-19 & Young Drivers
Technical Brief 1: Initial COVID-19 Mobility Data Trends
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Why did fatal crashes go up during the pandemic?

"Although North Carolinians drove fewer miles during the pandemic, the death toll on the state’s highways climbed to more than 1,500 — the highest number in 13 years." HSRC's Libby Thomas shares insight.
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